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Transforming Education with Ikinor Interactive TV

Education is constantly evolving, and traditional teaching methods are no longer enough to keep up with the demands of the modern world. To transform education, schools need innovative tools like the Ikinor interactive TV.

Why choose Ikinor?

The Ikinor interactive TV for classroom is designed to facilitate collaboration and group work in the classroom. Its touch screen technology allows students to work together on projects, share ideas and insights, and collaborate in real-time. This type of collaborative learning fosters teamwork, communication skills, and critical thinking, which are all essential for success in the 21st century.

Utilizing a 75 inch interactive display can enhance student engagement and participation in the learning process. When effectively integrated into teaching practices, interactive displays of this size have the potential to promote active involvement and sustained focus among students.

The Ikinor interactive TV is also versatile, allowing teachers to use it for a variety of teaching methods, including multimedia presentations and interactive simulations. Its large screen display makes it easy for students to see and interact with the educational material presented by the teacher.

Furthermore, the Ikinor interactive TV for classroom is designed with accessibility and inclusivity in mind. Its touch screen technology is ideal for students with physical or cognitive challenges, providing them with equal opportunities to engage with the content. This promotes equity and social justice in education.


TheIkinor interactive TV is a powerful tool that transforms education by promoting collaboration, critical thinking, and communication skills among students. Its versatility and accessibility make it an ideal choice for modern classrooms seeking innovation and preparing students for success in the future.

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