Live Roulette Technology and Mechanics: A peek behind the curtain

Roulette is one the most well-known and oldest casino games. Its gameplay was based on one piece of equipment, the “roulette wheel“. The game’s online counterpart was created by technological advances. The transition to online roulette has changed the game’s fundamental nature. It replaced the wheel with RNG powered gaming software.

However, online casino games’ mechanics have changed over the years. This has eventually led to live roulette, which is a mix of online and land-based gambling. This version is played in a studio on the ground and streamed via the internet to players’ mobile devices or computers.

This blog post will give you an overview of live roulette technology, from the wheel to the software that delivers the game to your screen.

Technology Behind Live Roulette Games

Live roulette has brought the old-fashioned roulette wheel back to life while allowing modern technology to take over. This means that both digital and land-based technology are required for this game’s success. Let’s get into the details.

Roulette Wheel

Every live roulette game has a roulette wheel at its center. It is always there, no matter if you play European Roulette or live roulette at Genting Casino .

It may look simple to the untrained eye but each wheel is built using precise guidelines. These are the rules for building a roulette wheel.

To ensure optimal performance, the wheel must have a uniform weight.

To avoid magnetic interference, both the wheel and ball must be made from non-magnetic materials.

The cylinder must be able to move freely and rotate while the wheel’s attachments must remain in place.

Ball pockets should be equally spaced. This is why they must have precise dimensions. The ball will land easily and stay in each compartment.

Optical Character Recognition, (OCR).

OCR software is the key piece of live gambling. The OCR software uses multiple HD cameras to monitor everything in the studio and recognize vital data. It then converts it into characters. OCR is used to track the number of the wheel and the location where the ball landed. To understand OCR better, read this article and discover about other software applications.

Game Control Unit (GCU).

GCU is often credited with creating live dealer games such as roulette. The small, boxed device transmits real-time encoded game data to your mobile or desktop screen. GCU instantly gives you all the information about the studio action without having to closely watch the ball movements on the roulette wheel.

HD Cameras

Many HD cameras are used in live casinos to stream the action from the studio in the ground to your device while you play live roulette. These cameras allow you to view the roulette wheel and dealer from multiple angles, and give you a clear view of what is happening in the studio.

Chat live

Although live roulette games don’t replicate the real-life experience of gambling at land-based casinos, you can still interact with your dealer via the live chat feature. You can also ask questions and share your concerns with the dealer using the live chat feature.

Last Thoughts

Roulette is a classic game of chance that people have loved for centuries. This casino classic looks easy, but it is loaded with advanced technology and mechanics that ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for everyone.

Next time you are at a live Roulette table, stop and take a moment and appreciate the effort that goes into making it run smoothly and providing an enjoyable online gambling experience.

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