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Enhance Railway Power Supply Systems with Mornsun’s Reliable DC/DC Converters

In the realm of railway transportation, a reliable power supply system is the backbone of smooth operations. Mornsun, a renowned provider of industry-leading solutions, delivers high-quality railway DC/DC converters that combine compact size, low ripple noise, and exceptional EMC performance. Let’s explore how Mornsun can elevate railway power supply capabilities.

Compact Size, Optimal Performance

Mornsun understands the space constraints faced by railway systems. Their railway DC/DC converters are designed with a compact form factor without compromising performance. By maintaining a small size, these modules seamlessly integrate into railway power supply systems without compromising available space.

Low Ripple Noise, Enhanced EMC Performance

To ensure the integrity of electronic equipment, low ripple noise and excellent electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance are critical. Mornsun’s railway DC/DC converters excel in both areas, providing clean power with minimal noise interference.

Flexible Input and Output Voltage Options

Mornsun’s URB1D/URF1D series railway DC/DC converter power modules  offer an ultra-wide input voltage range (40–160V), which is a testament to their versatility across various railway power supply systems. Regardless of whether your system operates at 72V, 96V, or 110V, Mornsun’s converters can handle the voltage requirements with ease. With a range of output voltage options (3.3V, 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V, 48V, and 54V), Mornsun’s converters are capable of meeting different electronic equipment needs, enabling stable operations within railway transportation.


Mornsun’s railway DC/DC converters are the epitome of reliability and efficiency in the railway power supply landscape. Their compact size, low ripple noise, and excellent EMC performance make them an indispensable component in ensuring the stability and safety of vehicle electronic equipment in railway systems. With a wide range of input voltages and output voltage options, Mornsun’s converters cater to multiple application requirements, making them an ideal choice for any railway power supply system.

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