Why You Should Use Mindray’s Smart AEDs

Implementing an emergency rescue system on campus raises students’ awareness of safety and lowers the likelihood of unintentional mishaps. Additionally, the widespread use of AEDs in schools is a crucial component of the emergency rescue system. AEDs are medical devices that help people who are experiencing cardiac arrest. They are commonly referred to as portable defibrillators.

The AED can shock the heart with electricity to defibrillate it after a cardiac arrest, returning it to a normal rhythm and preserving the patient’s life. You will learn a little bit about the AED manufacturer Mindray and the importance of employing AED for schools.

Why is it so crucial that everyone has access to secure AEDs?

Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, and sudden cardiac arrest is a major cause of death. The vast majority of cardiac arrests happen outside hospitals because, before they pass away, sudden cardiac arrest patients frequently present as normal.

The patient’s circulation is stopped during a cardiac arrest, which impairs the heart’s capacity to pump blood effectively and robs essential organs like the brain of oxygen and blood, leading to irreversible brain cell death.

The patient’s ventricular fibrillation ends after approximately ten minutes, and the brain cells start deteriorating. It will end if prompt action is not done to save the patient’s life. Therefore, using an AED is far more critical than waiting for aid.


In short, Mindray’s AED is incredibly sophisticated. Through audio-visual guidance, it features a robust and trustworthy system that allows average individuals to deliver first aid correctly. Other than hospitals, it is commonly utilized in public places like subway stations, airports, schools, malls, movie theaters, stadiums, etc.

The capacity to immediately treat students who have experienced sudden cardiac arrest is another advantage of AED use in classrooms. Visit the Mindray website for further details.

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