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Using the 8 MP ColorVu Strobe Light and Audible Warning Camera to Increase Security

With its 8 MP resolution, the ColorVu Strobe Light and Audible Warning Fixed Turret Network Camera — DS-2CD2387G2-LSU/SL delivers high-quality imaging, ensuring that every detail is captured precisely. Businesses can rely on this Hikvision ColorVu camera to provide clear and sharp visuals, enhancing their monitoring capabilities.

Intelligent Classification and Real-Time Security

The Hikvision ColorVu camera focuses on human and vehicle targets using deep learning technology, allowing for accurate classification and identification. This intelligent feature helps filter out false alarms and reliably detect potential threats. The built-in two-way audio feature also enables real-time communication and enhances security by allowing users to interact and respond to events promptly.

Enhanced Security Measures and Deterrence

The ColorVu Strobe Light and Audible Warning Camera offer a proactive approach to security. Equipped with an active strobe light and audio alarm, this Hikvision ColorVu camera gives intruders a visible and audible warning, effectively deterring unauthorized access. Combining these features creates a powerful deterrent, reinforcing businesses’ security measures.

Reliable Performance in Challenging Environments

This Hikvision ColorVu camera is water- and dust-resistant, designed to withstand harsh conditions with an IP67 rating. This ensures its durability and reliability, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor installations. Businesses can trust that the camera will perform consistently, even in challenging environments.


The 8 MP ColorVu Strobe Light and Audible Warning Fixed Turret Network Camera offers businesses enhanced security and peace of mind. With its high-quality imaging capabilities and efficient compression technology, businesses can expect clear, detailed visuals for effective monitoring. The intelligent classification system based on deep learning ensures accurate detection and identification of human and vehicle targets, reducing false alarms. The camera’s active strobe light and audio alarm serve as powerful deterrents, warning intruders and preventing unauthorized access. With its built-in two-way audio feature, businesses can communicate in real time and promptly respond to security events.

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