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Unimed’s City Technologies Compatible O2 Cell: Accurate Oxygen Monitoring for Medical Applications

Unimed presents the City Technologies compatible O2 cell, a high-quality medical oxygen sensor designed for accurate oxygen monitoring in various healthcare settings. With a connector featuring an RJ11 modular plug 4P4C (AMP), a package weight of 24g, and a warranty of 12 months, Unimed’s O2 cell ensures reliable performance and peace of mind for healthcare professionals. Trust Unimed to deliver superior oxygen monitoring solutions for enhanced patient care and safety.

Seamless Connectivity with RJ11 Modular Plug 4P4C (AMP) Connector

Unimed’s City Technologies compatible O2 cell features a connector with an RJ11 modular plug 4P4C (AMP), ensuring seamless connectivity with compatible devices. The plug-and-play design simplifies the setup process, allowing healthcare professionals to quickly integrate the O2 cell into their monitoring systems. The secure connection provided by the connector enhances data accuracy and reliability during oxygen monitoring.

Lightweight Design for Convenience

Unimed’s O2 cell is designed with a lightweight construction, weighing only 24g. This lightweight design adds convenience during use, minimizing the burden on medical equipment and ensuring ease of handling. Healthcare professionals can effortlessly incorporate the O2 cell into their monitoring devices, providing accurate oxygen readings without compromising patient comfort.

Long-Term Assurance with 12-Month Warranty

Unimed stands behind the quality and durability of its City Technologies compatible O2 cell by offering a 12-month warranty. This warranty provides healthcare professionals with long-term assurance and protection against any manufacturing defects or performance issues. Unimed’s commitment to customer satisfaction and product reliability is reflected in the generous warranty period, ensuring peace of mind and reliable oxygen monitoring.


Unimed’s City Technologies compatible O2 cell offers healthcare professionals an accurate and reliable solution for oxygen monitoring in medical applications. With features like the RJ11 modular plug 4P4C (AMP) connector, a package weight of 24g, and a 12-month warranty, Unimed’s O2 cell ensures seamless connectivity, convenience, and long-term assurance. Trust Unimed to provide superior medical oxygen sensors that deliver precise oxygen monitoring, enabling healthcare professionals to make informed decisions and provide optimal care to their patients.

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