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Secure and Reliable Data Storage for Industrial Environments

With storage options ranging from 8GB to 64GB. YANSEN‘s industrial grade SSDs are the best option if you’re searching for a high-performing, compact form factor storage solution that saves space. The compact form factor of YANSEN’s industrial-grade SSDs makes them well-suited for integration into automation systems where space is limited, ensuring a seamless fit within equipment or machinery without compromising performance. Whether used in automated logistics robots, production inspection equipment, or flexible robotic arms in factories, these SSDs provide a storage solution that meets the rigorous demands of industrial automation processes.

Fast and Efficient Performance

The 40 PIN IDE DOM SSD from YANSEN utilizes MLC (Multi-Level Cell) technology, ensuring fast access times and efficient performance. With its reliable ATA/ATAPI-7 interface, this SSD delivers quick data transfers and optimal storage capabilities. Whether you require high-speed access to critical information or efficient data processing, YANSEN’s industrial grade SSDs provide the speed and performance you need.

Compact Architecture for Solutions That Save Space

The 40 PIN IDE DOM SSD is a great option for situations with limited space because of its vertical form. This SSD minimizes the physical footprint while optimizing storage capacity thanks to its compact form factor. High-performance storage without sacrificing size is possible with YANSEN’s industrial grade SSDs, which are perfect for embedded systems and other applications with limited space.


The feature-rich 40 PIN IDE DOM is one of the dependable and high-performing industrial grade SSDs offered by YANSEN, a reputable manufacturer. Their industrial grade SSDs offer rapid access times, low power consumption, and great durability, with storage options ranging from 8GB to 64GB. In applications where high-performance storage in a tiny form factor is required, the vertical architecture guarantees a space-saving solution.

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