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How AFM3000 Gas Mass Flow Sensor Ensures Ventilator Safety?

In order to monitor the flow of gas in medical ventilators with a high level of accuracy and dependability, Saftty’s AFM3000 Gas Mass Flow Sensor, a flow sensor of ventilators was created. This essay will examine in greater detail how this cutting-edge sensor functions and how it might assist keep patients secure.

What precisely is the AFM3000 mass flow sensor from Saftty?

The Saftty’s AFM3000 is the ideal mass flow sensor of ventilators. This sensor can measure the pressure and airflow rate in any space. In several industries, including manufacturing, engineering, and healthcare, it is very accurate and helpful. This sensor is ideal for use in applications that require high precision in addition to being non-contact and having a low noise level.

Characteristics of AFM3000 Gas Mass Flow Sensor

When measuring the flow rate of gases, the AFM3000 gas mass flow sensor is a very precise and dependable sensor. It has several uses in many different industries, including the medical, automotive, and aerospace sectors.

The AFM3000 gas mass flow sensor, also known as a flow sensor of ventilator, is a distinctive and cutting-edge sensor that was created especially for use in ventilators. The AFM3000 is a crucial element in maintaining the safety of ventilators since it offers accurate and trustworthy measurements of gas flow rates. These are a few of the main characteristics of the AFM3000:

-High Accuracy: The AFM3000 has a measurement that is extremely exact. This guarantees that gas flow rates can be precisely tracked and managed.

-Wide Operating Temperature Range: The sensor’s operating temperature range is from 0 to 50 °C. Because of this, it can be applied in a wide range of settings and applications.

-Excellent Performance: Our sensor technology, which combines a heat sensor chip and a high-performance integrated 24-bit AD acquisition CMOS microprocessor, is the foundation of the AFM3000 mass flow sensor’s remarkable performance.

-Resilient Construction: The sensor is built with sturdy components that make it resistant to shock.


A wonderful instrument for ensuring the security of ventilators in medical environments is Saftty‘s AFM3000 Gas Mass Flow Sensor. It can identify any variations in flow rate and notify workers of any potential issues that could require attention. With the aid of this technology, hospitals and other healthcare institutions can make sure that their safety procedures are current and that all patients receive top-notch care.

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