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Hermetix Kovar Packages: The Key to Precision and Reliability

In the world of hermetic packaging, Kovar has emerged as a star player, known for its exceptional thermal and mechanical properties. Hermetix, a leader in the industry, leverages the power of Kovar to provide you with precision-engineered packages that redefine reliability.

 Kovar: The Material of Choice

Kovar, an iron-nickel-cobalt alloy, is prized for its low thermal expansion characteristics. This makes it an ideal choice for packages that house sensitive electronic and optoelectronic components. Hermetix’s Kovar packages harness these properties, ensuring that your components remain protected and stable, even in extreme temperature fluctuations.

 Precision in Every Package

At Hermetix, precision is at the heart of what they do. Their Kovar packages are crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Whether it’s for microelectronic applications, semiconductor devices, or optical sensors, their packages provide the precise environment required for your components to perform at their best.

 The Hermetix Advantage

Choosing Hermetix for your Kovar packaging needs means choosing excellence and reliability. Their experienced engineers work closely with you to customize packages that match your unique requirements.They understand that every project is distinct, and their commitment to tailored solutions ensures that your components are housed in packages that perfectly align with your goals.


Experience the power of Hermetix Kovar packages and witness the difference that precision and reliability can make in your electronic and optoelectronic applications. With Hermetix, your components are in safe and capable hands.

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