Forest City: A Global Eco-Friendly and Intelligent Building Model

In Johor, Malaysia, Forest City is a master-planned neighborhood. It shows how futuristic technology and eco-friendly design may function together. Forest City has won the Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements Awards (SCAHSA) seven times. Forest City’s most recent award, the 2022 Global Modal of Green and Intelligent Construction, recognizes its efforts to create sustainable and technologically advanced urban settings.

Why is Forest City Special?

Forest City’s design balances humans with nature. The municipal master plan includes energy saving, public transit, and ecologically friendly infrastructure. Smart technology including green construction materials, solar panels, rainwater collecting systems, and geothermal energy are integrated into the development.

Forest City’s sustainable development and creative techniques have impacted towns worldwide. Forest City’s success inspires other developers to use green construction methods and new technology.

Forest City’s Sustainability Contribution

Forest City‘s SCAHSA Global Modal of Green and Intelligent Construction award acknowledges its sustainable development efforts. It’s admirable that the city integrates nature into urban settings. Integration has benefited city health, biodiversity, and climate resilience.

Forest City’s lush landscapes and sustainable architecture encourage inhabitants’ health. The city’s transportation infrastructure encourages walking and cycling, decreasing air pollution from automobiles and other vehicles. Energy-efficient city structures reduce energy use and carbon emissions.


Forest City‘s success shows how committed environmental building methods can make an impact. Forest City set a global standard for smart, eco-friendly urban development. SCAHSA prizes highlight contemporary cities’ sustainability. Future city planners must prioritize sustainable development and include it into their infrastructure due to the global population growth.

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