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Enhancing Ice Cream Retail with Hanshow’s Nebular 266F Electronic Price Tag

In the competitive world of ice cream retail, standing out and effectively managing product information and pricing can make all the difference. Hanshow, a leading provider of electronic shelf labels and digital price tags solutions, offers the Nebular 266F, a cutting-edge electronic price tag designed to revolutionize the way ice cream retailers operate. With its advanced features and impressive specifications, the Nebular 266F is poised to empower ice cream retailers and help them thrive in today’s dynamic market.

Crystal Clear Visuals

Equipped with a 2.66-inch display and a resolution of 296 x 152 pixels, the Nebular 266F delivers high-quality visuals and crisp text. With a DPI of 125, the pricing and product information are clear and easy to read for both customers and store staff.   The monochrome BW display color adds a touch of elegance to the ice cream display, creating a visually appealing and professional look.

Seamless Connectivity and Enhanced Functionality

The Nebular 266F is equipped with NFC technology, enabling seamless communication between the price tags and compatible devices. This opens up a world of possibilities for ice cream retailers, including price updates, inventory management, and personalized promotions. By leveraging NFC, ice cream retailers can provide interactive experiences for their customers, enhancing engagement and driving sales.

Efficiency and Versatility

With support for eight pages, the Nebular 266F allows ice cream retailers to display a wide range of information, such as pricing, product descriptions, nutritional facts, and promotions. The LED flash feature, with support for seven colors, enables eye-catching and attention-grabbing displays, helping ice cream retailers create a vibrant and enticing shopping environment.


With its compact design, advanced features, and remarkable specifications, Hanshow’s Nebular 266F electronic price tag is a game-changer for ice cream retailers. By enabling seamless communication, providing clear and vibrant displays, and offering versatile functionality, the Nebular 266F empowers ice cream retailers to enhance customer experiences, boost engagement, and drive sales. Embracing Hanshow’s electronic price tags can enable more ice cream retailers to stay ahead of the competition and thrive in the ever-evolving world of retail.

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