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Elite Solar: Harnessing Energy with Bifacial Solar Modules

Elite Solar uses state-of-the-art technology to provide premium bifacial solar modules that are efficient and sustainable. their bifacial modules maximize power generation by enabling additional energy gathering from the back side. their bificial pv modules minimize mismatch loss and guarantee consistent energy output with their low resistance features and outstanding anti-PID performance. Select Elite Solar for high-quality solar solutions with outstanding performance.

Bifacial Technology: Unlocking Additional Energy Harvesting

Elite Solar’s bifacial solar modules incorporate advanced bifacial technology, allowing for enhanced energy harvesting. By capturing sunlight from both the front and rear sides of the module, their bifacial modules can generate more electricity compared to traditional modules. With the ability to harvest energy from various angles and surfaces, these modules offer increased flexibility and efficiency.

Superior Performance and Durability

Elite Solar‘s bifacial modules are designed to withstand various environmental conditions. Certified to withstand high wind load and snow load, as well as resistant to salt mist and ammonia, their modules are built to last. With a product warranty of 30 years and a power warranty, you can trust in the long-term performance and durability of Elite Solar’s bifacial solar modules.


Elite Solar’s bifacial solar modules are the ideal choice for harnessing solar energy efficiently. With their advanced bifacial technology, these modules enable additional energy harvesting, providing greater power output. Furthermore, their superior performance, low resistance characteristic, and excellent resistance to environmental factors ensure long-lasting reliability.

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